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Image of 3 1/4? Martini Tees - 5PC

3 1/4? Martini Tees - 5PC

"Martini 3 1/4 Durable Plastic Tees - 5 Pack Virtually Unbreakable -- Much stronger than old-fashioned wooden tees because they are made from a proprietary polymer resin blend; one tee can be reused dozens of times Longer and Straighter Drives -- Independent laboratory tests prove that Martini Tees really do give you longer and straighter drives versus wooden tees Less Resistance & Longer Roll -- The large cup of the Martini Tee allows you to tilt the ball toward the hole as much as 20% Made in the USA & Conforms to USGA Rules -- Martini Tees are made in Michigan and are legal to use in tournaments using USGA Rules of Golf"